Solutions Delivered Podcast

Solutions Delivered, the podcast of PP&C Consulting, offers nuanced perspectives on the legal market – and discusses how law firms of all sizes can appeal to clients and enhance their competitive position while adapting to the new dynamic. Get market intelligence from leaders of the legal industry, actionable strategies to generate revenue, best practices in client service, business intelligence, and new technology solutions implementation. Our weekly podcast is hosted by members of the PP&C Consulting team.

Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms

Good2BSocial’s Guy Alvarez, one of the early advocates of digital media as a marketing tool for law firms, joins PP&C’s Michelle Murray and Tom Mariam for a wide-ranging discussion of trends in digital marketing for law firms in this edition of Solutions...

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Account-based Marketing for Law Firms

More and more law firms are taking an account-based approached to marketing: expanding their business by expanding the scope of their work for existing clients. PP&C’s Michelle Murray and Good2BSocial CEO Guy Alvarez discuss, in this edition of Solutions...

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The Client Experience

What is the best way for law firms to differentiate themselves? Start with the client experience. PP&C’s Michelle Murray shares with Tom Mariam what law firms can do to make their clients comfortable and satisfied from start to finish and want to come back for...

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Client Feedback

PP&C’s Yolanda Cartusciello discusses the importance of client feedback, and what clients are saying, with the man who talks to law firm clients more than anyone: David Burgess, publishing director at Legal 500. Find out why “the journey is as important as the...

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The Legal Business: 2020 in Review & 2021 Preview

Solutions Delivered, the podcast of PP&C Consulting, rings out the old – and rings in the new – year with a panel discussion featuring our own consultants Yolanda Cartusciello, Bob Robertson, Michelle Murray, & Tom Mariam with 2020 hindsight and 2021 vision....

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Holiday Turkey Approach to Campaign Marketing

Solutions Delivered, the podcast of PP&C Consulting, gets into the holiday spirit by presenting “The Holiday Turkey Approach to Campaign Marketing” with senior consultants Tom Mariam and Michelle Murray. Preparing a marketing campaign is similar to preparing a...

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Business Plans for Practice Groups

This edition of Solutions Delivered, the podcast of PP&C Consulting, discusses business plans at law firms for practice groups and individual lawyers, as well as the firm itself. PP&C’s Michelle Murray talks about their importance, what makes them effective,...

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