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Much has been written about “The Client Experience” and how it can help increase client satisfaction and loyalty as well as help attract new business. But how exactly do you apply the principles of client experience improvement to a law firm? What are the techniques and activities we can use to help us get lawyers on board to engaging in these activities? This resource center is designed to provide you with the tools to better understanding what exactly the client experience is, trends in client interviews and how you can use client journey mapping to improve client relationships and retention and to increase profitability.

Client Interview Trends:

The Feedback Report, 2018 (PDF)

Client Journey Mapping Whiteboard:

The law firm client journey is a long and often unpredictable road. Understanding it can be even more complicated.  That’s why client journey maps were invented: to understand the roadmap of a customer, from the very first touchpoint throughout the lasting life of their relationship with your business. 

Customer journey maps can be an invaluable resource for companies, from marketing to sales to UX, and are known to help businesses increase their ROI by 13-22% if done correctly.  The same principles apply to law firms.  In order to apply client journey mapping correctly, one must first understand what a map is and how one might use it.  This whiteboard can provide a good basic overview: 

Legal Marketing Association Annual Meeting Materials:

The following slides and handouts were used in an all-day session at the 2022 Legal Marketing Association pre-conference session.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how to use these materials: 

Developing a Client-Centric Law Firm: 

In this comprehensive guide, we dive deeper into the subject of the client experience and cover client journey maps from top to bottom.  

Key takeaways: 

  • Client journey mapping is a strategic (and successful) approach to truly understanding your customers.
  • There are real and valuable business reasons to journey map.
  • Client touchpoints are every instance of interaction or engagement that happens along the journey. 
  • There are current- and future-state client journey maps that can help predict future behavior.  

Using Digital Tools to Improve the Client Journey 

  • (whiteboard co-created by Guy Alvarez and Yolanda Cartusciello)

Additional Articles and Resources: 

The following articles provide additional insight into how to apply client experience principles in a law firm:  


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