Solutions Delivered. Powered by PP&C’s REV Team

The Red Team Powered by Bernero & PressIn response to the drastic changes the legal market has undergone in the past two months, PP&C has launched Solutions Delivered, an objective and integrated business development, communications and marketing consulting service focused on maximizing revenue generation and ensuring financial health during these uncertain times.

Solutions Delivered is powered by the PP&C REV Team, led by four professionals with decades of leadership, Yolanda CartuscielloMichelle Murray, and Tom Mariam, who are experienced in managing change and have a clear sense of how to appeal to clients and quickly enhance a firm’s competitive position.  The REV team’s access to senior executives and in-house counsel offers law firms nuanced perspectives on the market, as well as sophisticated, actionable strategies based on their unique client base and offerings.

As firms reassess their needs, the Solutions Delivered model provides firms with the benefit of reduced costs and value enhancement. This virtual offering is especially attractive to mid and small firms looking to enhance their competitive position with “best of class” marketing/BD/communications leadership and to larger firm generation teams looking to augment their existing staffing and resources.

Through our Solutions Delivered methodology, the PP&C REV Team provides:

  • Sophisticated analysis and practical solutions focused on enhancing client engagement and generating revenue;
  • Respected and effective industry leaders who can serve as your virtual business development, marketing and communications C-suite;
  • Selective, outsourced staffing and efficient project management to augment existing firm staff and resources; and
  • Attractive pricing that speaks to our investment in your future.

Our Solutions Delivered rapid response approach to the current market helps firms enhance client relationships, through:

  • selling more effectively,
  • expanding the firm’s profile,
  • improving the work pipeline, and
  • increasing productivity and profitability

all while maintaining and nurturing a culture consistent with the values of the firm.

More information on our offerings can be found here.

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