What We've Done

  1. Global law firms have retained PP&C to conduct comprehensive client feedback programs. Using our deep industry expertise and our knowledge of corporate in-house operations, we have generated meaningful reports and recommendations that have enabled our law firm clients to enhance, expand, and protect their relationships with their key customers. Our client feedback exercises also assist law firms with repositioning their brand in client service and quality, so that they are perceived as not just a good firm but one of the elite. Each of these projects has helped our clients create real differentiation for themselves in an intensely competitive marketplace. 
  2. PP&C has worked with a number of successful AmLaw 200 and regional firms to assist in developing firm governance and partner compensation programs to help align partner compensation with firm strategy. During these projects, we studied their structures, compensation models, and cultures. Then we assisted them in developing firm governance systems and partner compensation programs that better positioned them to compete in the challenging legal marketplace.
  3. PP&C has developed a methodology for creating robust, successful client team programs. With our client team our approach, our law firm clients can better leverage their client relationships, and better organize their client service model. Successful, highly functioning client teams are a proven method to provide structure for serving clients across practice groups, and improving the client focus of entire firms. 
  4. Annual partner meetings and partner or practice group retreats have become standard in the legal industry. Law firms, and other professional service organizations, have retained PP&C to design and moderate partner meetings that deliver a lasting impact. We plan meetings that help firms advance their strategic goals, reinforce their cultures, and achieve their economic objectives. 
  5. Well-organized practice groups improve partner satisfaction and law firm economic performance. PP&C has worked with law firms, large and small, in developing customized, high performance practice groups, and training practice group leaders in our successful practice group management model. 
  6. In our view, partners need to behave like owners. That’s a complicated role but it always includes developing business and expanding existing relationships. At PP&C we have trained partners (and associates) at all levels of practice and at firms of all sizes. The result: Lawyers who are equipped with tools and a new—or renewed—sense of confidence that helps them win new business and deepen their client relationships. Or, to put it differently, we enable them to behave like owners they need to be. 
  7. We’re good with video. We’ve made firm histories. We’ve documented new practices and initiatives. Some videos were aimed externally at clients and recruits. Others were purely in-house—training or morale-boosting efforts. We’re platform- agnostic. Sometimes a mini-documentary was appropriate. Other times the topic called for a jaunty whiteboard animation. These products have allowed our clients to speak to their disparate audiences in new and unexpected ways. Video is another way to stand out in a market where me-too is too often the strategy of choice.

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